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customer order flow and mix, supply chain, manufacturing, production pro- cesses, outbound logistics, and cus- tomer service. Lean manufacturing ecosystem Going beyond a single manufactur- ing company, production and logistics processes are integrated intelligently across company boundaries, creating a real-time lean manufacturing ecosystem that is more efficient and flexible. This facilitates smart value-creation chains that include all of the life-cycle phases of the product from the initial product idea, development, production, use, and maintenance to recycling. In this way, the ecosystem can satisfy customer wishes for everything from product idea to recycling to be responsive and con - tinually make improvements. Common platforms IT and OT groups traditionally devel- oped in two separate communities where almost all of the communication, hardware, and software were specific to that community, resulting in complex IT and OT systems integration. The new architecture, enabled by the proliferation of communication standards, power - ful processors, web services, and open source software, provides a common environment for IT and OT collaboration and integration. IT and OT groups now share fundamentals in communications and network architecture, which simpli - fies the transport of data across systems, thus the technology divide between IT and OT is closing. Organizational and system evolution Applying new technologies to achieve more efficient industrial and process m a n u f a c t u r i n g companies leads to functional changes. The new integrated m a n u f a c t u r i n g and enterprise architectures led by real-time en- terprise resource planning systems integrate plant floor middleware software functions into edge devices, enterprise, and cloud computing. A more traditional way to express this is OT is being integrated into IT. But this does not describe all the new possibili- ties of integrated systems and new computing in edge devices. Progres- sive companies are exploring the new functionality with organizational changes and new systems by implementing pilot projects. The integration of IT and OT brings the ability to actively monitor the field per- formance of complex machines and their subcomponents to better understand manufacturing and process operation, contributing to more effective continuous improvement programs. In addition there will be greater confidence in production outcomes that will improve forecasts. Industry discussion Converging IT and OT to create more effective operations is being discussed by many users, and some are making changes to be more efficient manufactur- ers. These are some thoughts from manu- facturing companies. An example of an organizational change was presented at the 2017 Ignition Community Conference by Sugar Creek Packing Co., a diversified and flexible food manufacturer. A company representative discussed how its organization has one person responsible for OT and one for IT, with both reporting to the chief informa- tion officer. He described how this im- proved organizational cooperation and operations over six manufacturing sites with more than 100 PLC and controller devices and more than 15,000 tags. These thoughts from a Rockwell Au tomation Perspectives event panel and user presentations illustrate there are varying views about IT/OT. Manag- ers, industry experts, and six users dis- cussed and shared insights about their unique journeys toward creating a con- nected enterprise. Key comments from the panel discussion included these observations: l IT should take the lead to move data securely, delivering it when needed. l The challenge is having OT people familiar with the process while understanding business processes. l Common data models are required for efficient interchange of data between IT and OT. 12 INTECH JULY/AUGUST 2018 WWW.ISA.ORG COVER STORY Converging IT and OT to create more effective operations is being discussed by many users, and some are making changes to be more efficient manufacturers.

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