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l The key to success is connecting the data through the entire architecture us- ing nonproprietary, open IT standards. l One company used to hire control en gineers, designers, and mechanical engineers to design motor gearboxes and drive chains. Over the years, it found that hiring model does not work anymore. The control and mechanical design became intertwined, so it shift- ed to mechatronics engineers who deal in both worlds. That shift is continuing now with the addition of people who understand the physics, analytics, and IT technology. l IT provides and manages Ethernet connections to controllers, including configuration control. Automation en gineers should not be burdened with networks but focused on improving controls and optimizing automation. The various views expressed suggest organizations have differing thoughts on organizational and technological approaches. Goals Leadership manufacturing companies are starting to compete worldwide and use pervasive new technologies. Whatever form the implementation of systems, architectures, and organiza- tional structures, there are commonly expressed goals to improve manufac- turing, including competitiveness, productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction. Converged information is being used to optimize fixed and vari- able assets. Improved operations using real-time data, coupled with analytics, brings many benefits, including lower downtime, reduced energy consump- tion, and higher overall equipment ef fectiveness. As organizations work to benefit from the convergence of IT/OT func- tions, stakeholders, product owners, and organizational managers must continue to understand new integrated system models and learn from indus- tries that are integrating systems suc- cessfully, such as the computer, Inter- net, and cellphone industries. On the whole, these new technolo- gies are challenging and empowering control and automation professionals INTECH JULY/AUGUST 2018 13 COVER STORY to deliver more value as systems and manufacturing-process subject-matter experts to achieve corporate goals. n ABOUT THE AUTHOR Bill Lydon ( is chief edi- tor of InTech. Lydon has been active in manufacturing automation for more than 35 years. He started his career as a de- signer of computer-based machine tool controls; in other positions, he applied programmable logic controllers and pro- cess con trol technology. In addition to experience at various large companies, he cofounded and was president of a venture-capital-funded industrial auto - mation software company. View the online version at RESOURCES "Management in the 1980s" 1980s Tired of endless phone mazes, unreturned calls, late delivery excuses, and all of the headaches associated with ordering a positioner—call VAC. S T O P W O R K I N G S O H A R D to get the right positioner. V A LV E A C C E S S O R I E S & C O N T R O L S , I N C . 200 Jade Park Chelsea, Alabama 35043 T E L : 205.678.0507 F A X : 205.678.0510 V A C A C C E S S O R I E S . C O M W H E N Y O U C A L L V A C , you will find a friendly, knowledgeable person available to answer your questions or to take your order. Once the order is placed, it usually ships within 2 days. VAC is a privately owned company, allowing us to be flexible and responsive to your needs. We don't need to have a meeting before we can make a decision. Compared to those other companies, we are a VACation. Pneumatic and Electropneumatic Valve Positioners Digital Valve Positioners V 2 0 0 D 4 0 0

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