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SYSTEM INTEGRATION INTECH JULY/AUGUST 2018 29 life-cycle reference model, the rounded rectangles represent the work process- es, or their deliverables, that are directly related to the life-cycle of automated procedures. The intended audience for this re- port includes technical and opera- tions managers and engineering per- sonnel who are responsible for the operation or automation of continu - ous process operations, members of engineering departments of owner operators, and engineering person - nel of engineering and procurement companies, automation vendors, sys - tem integrators, and other process engineering practitioners. Path forward In the two ISA-106 technical reports, the committee focused on the cur- rent state of the continuous process industries. ISA106 is now working on a requirements-based standard. The models and terminology in the first technical report will be reviewed and revised as needed, and the committee will factor in the experiences and ideas gained in usage. The standard will also reflect the work processes set forth in the new technical report. ISA106 is currently working on early drafts of the standard and welcomes new participants, especially end us- ers to share their expertise and experi- ences. The committee currently has 168 members, including 25 voting mem- bers, with 45 percent of members rep- resenting owner-operator companies. The authors also acknowledge ISA106 secretary Charlie Green and editor Dave Emerson. For more information, con- tact ISA106 co-chairs Yahya Nazer or Bill Wray. To view or obtain copies of the two ISA-106 technical reports, visit n ABOUT THE AUTHORS Yahya Nazer, PhD (yahya.nazer@outlook. com), co-chair of ISA106, recently retired after 30 years at Dow Chemical as manu - facturing and engineering fellow respon- sible for process automation globally. He began with ISA106 a few years ago as a way to transition from Dow Mod5 con - trol systems to more modern control sys- tems. Nazer holds a PhD from Newcastle University, U.K. Bill Wray, PE (, co-chair of ISA106, began his career as a process engineer, later discovering his passion for process control. Wray was a founding member of World Batch Fo - rum and served in various leadership roles, including chairman. He was the first chairman of the ISA95 committee, leading this effort to publication of the ISA-95 Part 1 standard. Wray is recently retired from Covestro LLC as a senior engineering consultant. He earned a BS in chemical engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. View the online version at Convert Your Mobile Device into a HART Communicator … with our Advanced HART-based Products C O N N E C T > C O N F I G U R E > D O C U M E N T Complete DD-based HART Communicator for any device - PC, Tablet, Phone. Your choice! Complete DD-based HART Communicator for any operating system - Windows, iOS, Android. Your choice! Full line of registered HART Modems - USB, RS232, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy Your choice! Use your own host device or one of our complete systems. Hazardous area options available. Significant cost savings • Mobile convenience • Satisfaction guaranteed NEW! iOS Version now available!

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