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4 INTECH JULY/AUGUST 2018 WWW.ISA.ORG PROCESS AUTOMATION 14 Data filtering in process automation systems By Joseph S. Alford, PhD, Brian M. Hrankowsky, and R. Russell Rhinehart In many situations filtering is valuable to remove unwanted components or features from a data signal before the input is used in a process automation ap - plication. Unwanted components have many causes, including random noise, spurious outlier events, and periodic confusion. Data filtering used properly can improve control, productivity, and decision making. FACTORY AUTOMATION 20 Automated guided vehicles improve production By Bill Lydon Automated guided vehicles now come in all shapes and sizes and are being used to improve productivity and efficiency. Their technologies have advanced, so they are easier to deploy without large infrastructure in - vestments, such as embedded floor guides and cables. SYSTEM INTEGRATION 24 Automating continuous process operations By Yahya Nazer, PhD, and Bill Wray, PE The goal of ISA106 is to provide standards, recom- mended practices, and technical reports on the design and implementation of procedures for auto - mating continuous process operations. The ISA106 committee has published two technical reports and is in the process of developing an ISA106 standard. AUTOMATION IT 30 The state of MES in the age of smart manufacturing By Patricia Panchak MES capabilities are increasingly recognized as critical components in a company's smart manufacturing journey. Combining MES with new technologies, including cloud computing, IIoT, and data analytics, creates new possibilities for digital manufacturing. COVER STORY Integrated manufacturing and production By Bill Lydon The integration of IT and OT in manufacturing organizations is one of the biggest changes in manufacturing's recent history. It will improve industry with the integration of all aspects of production and commerce across company boundaries. These changes are challenging and empowering control and automation professionals to deliver more value to achieve corporate goals. July/August 2018 | Vol 65, Issue 4 10 SPECIAL SECTION: PROCESS SAFETY 34 Guided wave radar for inventory tank gauging By Fawaz AlSahan, CAP Guided wave radar, which complies with indus- try standards, is the simplest and most economi- cal solution for inventory tank gauging. Saudi Aramco Riyadh Refinery tested GWR for one year with successful results.

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