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40 INTECH JULY/AUGUST 2018 WWW.ISA.ORG association news | Highlights & Updates I SA has published a new book that covers the entire life cycle of safety instrumented systems— in cluding specification, design, analysis, programming, installation, maintenance, and change man- agement. Safety Instrumented Sys- tems: A Life-Cycle Approach by Paul Gruhn, PE, CFSE, and Simon Lucchi- ni, CFSE, MIEAust CPEng, explains the significance and value of the ISA/ IEC 61511 standard in improving functional process safety and gives important practical guidance and real-world case studies. "To properly design, install, commission, and operate a safety system, you have to align the performance requirements of the standard with how process plants operate and how projects are executed," points out Lucchini, chief controls specialist and Fel- low in Safety Systems at Fluor Canada and the Safety Systems Committee chair of ISA's Safety and Security Division. "Safety needs to be integrated into the design rather than 'bolted on' at some late stage of the project. This book helps guide functional safety engineers and others involved in process industry safety to the right decisions about safety systems at the right time." n Safety Instrumented Systems: A Life-Cycle Approach Qualifying for and passing one of ISA's certification exams is a noteworthy accomplishment. The exams are rigorous and require a solid command of various disciplines in automation and control. Below is a list of individuals who have recently passed either our Certified Automation Professional (CAP) or one of the three levels of our Certified Control System Technician (CCST) exam. Congrat- ulations to our new certification holders! For more information about the ISA CAP and CCST certification programs, please visit Level 1 Eduardo Cervantes Metropolitan Water District Southern CA U.S. Dusty R. Powell Geo Specialty Chemicals U.S. Luat D. Nguyen U.S. Erik M. First U.S. Dylan J. Thomas U.S. Ryan J. Frye University of Michigan Central Power Plant U.S. Ronald A. Moore U.S. Robert A. McConnachie Siemens U.S. Bruce A. Debore U.S. Andrew Lowell U.S. Stephen M. Robertson U.S. Kevin C. Peavy U.S. Leah M. Carling U.S. Matthew J. Abrell U.S. Christopher J. Harvey U.S. Igor Danilov San Jose Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility U.S. Robert L. Peak PWCSA U.S. David Trang Dominion Energy U.S. John A. Bruzzo II U.S. Ryan J. McBrearty Instrumentation Technical Services U.S. George William Dewey U.S. Leo H. Trottier U.S. Thomas W. Sucevic Eastman Chemical Co. U.S. Scott M. Atkinson U.S. Caleb C. Rounsavall TM Process & Controls U.S. Charles D. Leeson U.S. Jeremy J. Rican U.S. Aiden Lee U.S. Daniel J. Caffery Eagle River Water & Sanitation Dist. U.S. Paul J. Lavorgna U.S. Sean A. Cox U.S. Gifferson Romero U.S. Andrew H. Abramson U.S. Ameer Ashik Mohamed Umar Norway Won T. Bernhardt Linde U.S. Ali Fazian Intech Process Automation Inc. U.S. Charles Sheets Matrix Technologies U.S. Scott J. Sheridan U.S. Ahmed M. Altunisi Saudi Aramco Oil Co. Saudi Arabia Jigneshkumar B. Parmar Saudi Arabia John D. Hasenstab Quantum Solutions Inc. U.S. Wei Quan Lim Singapore Joseph L. Iuliucci U.S. Douglas B. Holzer Gettle Inc. U.S. Randall L. Franklin U.S. Carter R. Farley Instrulogic U.S. Andy Malcolm U.S. Shehper Afroze Rana Intech Process Automation Pakistan Trent J. Hebert U.S. Kunal C. Raithatha Aecom U.S. Certified Automation Professionals New CAPs and CCSTs Certified Control System Technicians Jason W. Gerard U.S. Brett C. Davis U.S. Matthew L. Gellhaus Aecom U.S. James A. Kelley U.S. Michael Grossman U.S. James C. Urso U.S. John D. Olson U.S. Duy Lam U.S. Michael R. Dawson U.S. Gene Kyle Green U.S. Daniel E. Love U.S. Antonio T. Flores U.S. Megan L. Johnson U.S. James Ruzecki Aux Sable Liquid Products LP U.S. Tyler A. Knaup Custom Control Unlimited Inc. U.S. Level 2 Wilson G. Wong Union Sanitary District U.S. Carl J. Edwards U.S. Andrew Kolbenschlag U.S. Craig A.H. Johnson U.S. Scott A. Mumm Flint Hills Resources U.S. Kyle M. Kaminski U.S. Level 3 Keith M. Krause U.S. Shervin Kermanshachi Canada William B. Clemmons U.S. Alexander J. Kuchta U.S.

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