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20 INTECH SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2018 WWW.ISA.ORG PROCESS AUTOMATION company might implement continuous level instrumentation for a local reading of tank level. Once this process is digitized, stan- dardized, and improved upon—the next process can be mapped. The com - pany can then make further improve- ments by linking one process to the next to optimize the operation of an entire plant or a facility. Looking to the future Taking a top-down approach when implementing a software architecture in a manufacturing enterprise ensures a future-proof solution closely aligned with business performance goals. The technologies and techniques discussed above enable this type of approach now, with three future trends expected to further ease implementation. The first is a move toward hybrid ar- chitecture, a combination of on-prem- ise and cloud-based software solutions. This change is already underway. Cer- tain functions, such as real-time con- trol, are best left on premise. Big data analytics, however, is an example of an activity best performed in the cloud, to take advantage of higher performance processing power and to ease collabo- ration of the results. And of course, these two types of scenarios must readily communicate with each other securely. Data from real-time control systems feeds big data to cloud-based analytics, which in turn feed informa- tion regarding suggested improve- ments to plant personnel. The second trend is the growing pro- liferation of big data, as a direct result of now living in a digital age. When tasks are accomplished without writ - ten instructions, or when such instruc- tions are written on paper, little or no data is produced. But when tasks are digitized, data is produced in the form of instructions, and more data is pro - duced as each task is accomplished and recorded. This data becomes the basis for the continuous im- provement at the heart of most op - erational excel- lence programs. The third trend feeds directly from the second as this big data from the plant becomes filtered and contextual - ized, becoming valuable business intelligence. An example of this activity is the use of materials traceability data. When recorded digitally within the plant, this data can be used to more effectively inform consumers of a product's prov- enance should the need arise for a safety recall or to identify counterfeit or stolen products. These digital trends are happening today and are only gaining momentum. Those manufacturers that look to im- plementing more than just a traditional manufacturing execution system—but instead to an operations architecture and platform to manage their digital transformation—will be better prepared to adapt quickly to new opportunities in the digital age. Implementing an enter- prise-wide software architecture, one designed from the ground up to deal with current and future global mega- trends and corresponding manufactur- ing impacts, is a great strategy to be best prepared for the future. n ABOUT THE AUTHOR Keith Chambers (keith.chambers@aveva. com) is the global director, operations management portfolio, for AVEVA. He is responsible for strategic direction, com - mercialization, and development for the software operations management port - folio globally. Chambers has more than 20 years of experience in the automa - tion, software, and MES business, with a focus on manufacturing operations software in the food and beverage, CPG, and life sciences industries. View the online version at RESOURCES "HMIs Evolving to Serve the Enterprise in an Industrial IoT World" serve-the-enterprise-in-an-industrial-iot-world "Realizing more value from automation projects" "Using the cloud to store and distribute manufacturing data" Convert Your Mobile Device into a HART Communicator … with our Advanced HART-based Products C O N N E C T > C O N F I G U R E > D O C U M E N T Complete DD-based HART Communicator for any device - PC, Tablet, Phone. Your choice! Complete DD-based HART Communicator for any operating system - Windows, iOS, Android. Your choice! Full line of registered HART Modems - USB, RS232, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy Your choice! Use your own host device or one of our complete systems. Hazardous area options available. Significant cost savings • Mobile convenience • Satisfaction guaranteed NEW! iOS Version now available!

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