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complete same day! getting better service FREE. has been for 15 years cost you a cent! surveys have placed us at Design magazine alone, we've been voted fifteen years in a row. complete product information purchase decision. documentation, hundreds software, and available 24/7 online. products or learning our products after the manuals? That doesn't make sense. necessary. to get up to speed quickly shopping online, if a product you're there for you to view. deeper into our PLC and HMI for intuitive product can be costly, so we try to enabled software for a number of our most PLCs, Productivity series controllers, license or upgrade fees to deal with, online, we have FREE CAD lines. For over twenty years our sole focus has been customer service. That takes many forms: great prices, fast delivery, and quality products. But regardless of our product selection and other tangibles like pricing, the intangible value of customer service is something that cannot be faked, automated or glossed over. Our team members here at approach every day with this one goal in mind - serve the customer. It's a simple philosophy that many companies forget or make too complex and fail at. If the answer to any decision is "Yes, this is good for our customers", then we do it. It's common sense. "Should we have real upfront pricing online and realtime stock availability? Yes, this is good for our customers." "Should we have FREE tech support before, during, and after any sale instead of charging yearly fees for tech support? Yes, this is good for our customers." "Should we offer FREE software on many products instead of charging licensing fees? Yes, this is good for our customers." "Should we have all our documentation online for FREE so people can access anytime, even before they choose to purchase? Yes, this is good for our customers." "Should we offer more selection by consistently introducing more new quality products with great prices monthly, sometimes weekly? Yes, this is good for our customers." "Should we offer FREE shipping for orders over $49? Yes, this is good for our customers." "Should we be fiscally responsible and run an efficient business so customers can rely on us decade after decade after decade? Yes, this is good for our customers." All these are discussions we've had internally and all have had certain aspects of "can we do that?", "that will be hard to accomplish", "no one else is doing that, how can we?". But if you bring it back to the simple answer, "Yes, this is good for our customers", then the perceived obstacles really don't matter. Our company has evolved dramatically since 1994 and it's this type of decision making by all our team members over the years that keeps our customers coming back and new customers checking us out daily. If you're a current customer, we sincerely thank you for your business. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you and promise to do our best for you every day. If you're new and checking us out for the first time, we hope you give us an opportunity to serve you. This ".com" is powered by ".awesomepeople"! warehouses Development Center and Warehouses located about 45 minutes north of Atlanta, GA, USA. - our sales and technical support teams, purchasing, course our huge warehouses and speedy logistics team.

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