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38 INTECH NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2018 WWW.ISA.ORG SPECIAL SECTION layer model with upward compatibility to the previous Ethernet and hard real-time capability. With 802.1AS-rev, TSN also de- fines an interoperable, uniform method for synchronizing distributed clocks in the network. Because best-effort commu- nication always takes place with TSN, the common use of a cable is possible for hard real-time applications, as well as all other ap- plications (e.g., Web server, SSH). TSN is not dissimilar to PROFINET IRT in that regard, and it also has comparable performance. New with TSN is the need for more extensive network configuration. Cen- tralized or decentralized configuration is possible, and both are currently being dis- cussed and implemented. Interoperabili- ty between the two configuration mecha- nisms is a future development goal. Practical advantages of TSN? TSN will be used in building automa- tion and the automotive industry in the future. As a matter of fact, the market for embedded TSN solutions is expected to be significantly big- ger than the current market for all indus- trial Ethernet solu- tions put together. This is because the greatest technical ad- vantage of TSN over previous industrial Ethernet methods is its scalability. Un- like current industrial networks, TSN is not defined for a specific transmission rate. TSN can be used for 100 Mbps just as for 1 Gbps, 10 Mbps, or 5 Gbps. It also optimizes topologies, because adapted data rates can be selected for various segments. Whether it is Gbps, 100 Mbps, or 10 Mbps, a unified layer 2—IEEE 802.1/TSN—is used. A uniform network infrastructure also helps personnel tasked with setting up and maintaining the network, because TSN solutions can now be used in sec- tors other than automation: building, process, and factory automation and energy distribution alike. Training with TSN is underway to prepare the technology workforce for its pending widespread adoption. TSN is already a topic at many universities, NEW! From ISA Publishing Order your copy today at Develop confidence in uncertainty analysis results and use measurement uncertainty to select instrumentation systems This edition focuses on: • Basics of the measurement uncertainty model • Nonsymmetrical, systematic standard uncertainties • Random standard uncertainties; the use of correlation • Curve-fitting problems • Probability plotting • Combining results from different test methods • Calibration errors • Uncertainty propagation for both independent and dependent error sources Convert Your Mobile Device into a HART Communicator … with our Advanced HART-based Products C O N N E C T > C O N F I G U R E > D O C U M E N T Complete DD-based HART Communicator for any device - PC, Tablet, Phone. Your choice! Complete DD-based HART Communicator for any operating system - Windows, iOS, Android. Your choice! Full line of registered HART Modems - USB, RS232, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy Your choice! Use your own host device or one of our complete systems. Hazardous area options available. Significant cost savings • Mobile convenience • Satisfaction guaranteed NEW! iOS Version now available! Some cloud OPC UA PUB / SUB device OPC UA PUB / SUB Cloud (MQTT / AMQP) EtherCAT TSN koppler EtherCAT device EtherCAT device EtherCAT device EtherCAT PLC (TSN) PROFINET TSN device PROFINET V2.3 device PROFINET V2.3 device PROFINET PLC (TSN) PROFINET TSN device Brownfield application: TSN segment combined with PROFINET and EtherCAT

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