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46 INTECH NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2018 WWW.ISA.ORG I n early November, the Geneva-based International Electrotechnical Com - mission (IEC) held the first meeting of a new IEC systems committee on smart manufacturing in Frankfurt, Germany. An IEC systems committee is intended to set high-level interfaces and functional requirements that span multiple work areas across the IEC and its partner, the International Organization of Standard - ization (ISO), to achieve a coordinated standards development plan. The definition of smart manufacturing to be used by the IEC systems committee is: Manufacturing that improves its per- formance aspects with integrated and in- tel ligent use of processes and resources in cy ber, physical, and human spheres to create and deliver products and services, which also collaborates with other do mains within an enterprise's value chain. Performance aspects within that defini- tion can include agility, efficiency, safety, security, sustainability, or other indicators. Enterprise domains, in addition to manu - facturing, can include engineering, logis- tics, marketing, procurement, or sales. Major supplier and government orga - nizations from across the globe were well represented at the Frankfurt meeting, but participation from end users in industrial processing and manufacturing was notice - ably low. ISA's long-standing focus in its consensus industry standards on end-user performance, safety, and security, however, will be important in filling that void, as evi - dent already in widely used IEC standards that are based on original ISA standards: n ISA-99/IEC 62443: Industrial Automa- tion & Control Systems Security n ISA-95/IEC 62264: Enterprise-Control System Integration n ISA-88/IEC 61512: Batch Control n ISA-84/IEC 61511: Functional Safety n ISA-18/IEC 62682: Management of Alarms n ISA-100/IEC 62734: Wireless Systems for Automation ISA's participation will be facilitated through an organizational liaison with the IEC by which ISA standards and technical reports, both published and in develop- ment, can be directly circulated and re- viewed within the systems committee as appropriate. For information about participating in ISA Standards or on the IEC Systems Committee on Smart Manufacturing, contact Charley Robinson, ISA Standards, n ISA to provide end-user perspective in new smart manufacturing program O ver the past year, ISA has pub- lished 10 new consensus stan- dards and technical reports that improve the safety, cybersecurity, and effi ciency of industrial processes. Promi- nent among these are several additions to ISA's standards on industrial automa- tion and control systems cybersecurity and enterprise-control system integration. At the ISA Annual Leadership Conference in Montreal, Quebec, ISA's Standards & Prac - tices (S&P) Department presented annual awards in recognition of outstanding techni - cal contributions and leadership in the devel- opment of these standards. The awards were presented by the 2017–18 vice president of the S&P Department, Maurice Wilkins, PhD, of Yokogawa, to the following: n Andrew Kling, director of cyberse- curity and software practices, Schnei- der Electric, and Alex Nicholl, senior industrial security architect, Rockwell Automation, for their technical exper- tise and contributions within the ISA99 standards development committee to the development of ISA/IEC 62443-4-2, Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems – Technical Security Requirements for IACS Components. n Bill Thomson, IoT secure development lifecycle technical leader, Cisco Systems, and Paul Forney, chief security architect, Schneider Electric, for their technical ex- pertise and contributions within ISA99 to the development of ISA/IEC 62443-4-1, Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems – Product Security De velopment Life-Cycle Requirements. n Brad Keifer, senior manager, BHP Billi- ton Ltd, and Bill Poole, CTO, Manufac- turing Intelligence, for their expertise and major contributions within ISA95 in the updating of the ISA-95 Parts 2, 4, and 5 standards on Enterprise-Control System Integration. n Koji Demachi, marketing manager & technical coordinator, Technical Mar- keting Department, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, and Andre Britz, product manager – integration, RP MGlobal, for their technical expertise and contribu- tions within ISA95 to the development of ISA-95.00.08, Enterprise-Control System Integration – Part 8: Manufac- turing Operations Management Infor- mation Exchange Profiles. n Stan Hale , senior director, MRC Glob - al, for his contributions to the develop - ment of ISA-TR96.05.01, Partial Stroke Testing of Automated Valves. n Fred Cain, a long-time ISA75 standards participant and leader who retired last year from Flowserve Corporation, for his decades of leadership and expertise in the advancement of control valve standards. For more information about ISA stan- dards, please visit n 2018 ISA Standards Department award winners Alex Nicholl (left) receives award from Maurice Wilkins, PhD, 2017–18 ISA S&P Department vice president New Benchmarks & Metrics | standards

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