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INTECH NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2018 47 SV22, SV26, and SV102 product lines A designer and manufacturer of solenoid valves and control components for liquids and gases has released the SV22, SV28 and SV102 product lines. The SV102 is a precision pressure regu- lator, and the SV22 and SV28 are high-flow electronic valves. The SV102 is suitable for a variety of industrial applications, includ- ing pressure control of inks and tones in printing applications, inert gas pressurization of reaction vessels, flow control of process gas- ses in packaging applica- tions, and varied other uses in the food process- ing, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing fields. The SV22 comes in two-way and three-way configurations and can be used in many applications, including inert gas con - trols in packaging applica- tions, BP cuff inflation control, CPAP devices, seal inflation control, air pilot control, weld shielding gas control, filling and dispensing, reagent control, rinsing/CIP applications, and process fluid control. The SV28 uses technology to provide gas flow control. The op- erator can vary the output flow based on the current input to the solenoid. This valve has consistent gain and low hysteresis and may be controlled using DC current, open or closed-loop control, and even pulse width modulation to cover a range of applications. Valcor Engineering, The subbase-mounted, EV03 electro-pneumatic (E/P), pressure-regulating valve has low energy consumption and can guarantee pressure control during a power loss. Depending on the version, maximum power genera- tion is between 160 mA and 220 mA. The EV03 also has hysteresis as low as 0.7 psi, and flow up to 0.88 Cv (880 l/min) at 10 bar of pressure. The valve is available in models with an LCD display or with only LED indica- tion. Configurable with the LCD display are pressure range, regulator behavior, actual value output, and switch output control. The valves are externally piloted and operate via a poppet valve for response. They have pressure ranges from 0–145 psi (1–10 bar). The electrical connection is an M12, five-pin A-coded connector, and electrical protection is IP65. Operating voltage is 24 VDC. Standard output values are 0–10 volts or 4–20 mA. The design has a subbase with G1/4 connections for input and output, and G1/8 for exhaust. Aventics, Industrial valve platform The AxisPro i n d u s t r i a l valves are now avail- able in two- stage D05 ( N G 1 0 ) and D07 (NG16) de- signs, and they have the same performance and closed-loop control capability as the com- pany's single-stage AxisPro valves, but in a higher flow pack- age. The portfolio of valves includes single-stage and two-stage valves that accommodate flow rates up to 375 LPM. The Pro-FX Configure, the programming software for AxisPro valves, has also been updated. With parameter-based tuning and a setup wizard, the Pro-FX Configure 2.0 enables users to configure and tune AxisPro valves by following a step-by-step graphical workflow. With onboard motion control, sensors, di agnostics, and communication, the valves are available in three performance levels to suit a variety of applications. Eaton, E/P pressure-regulating valve Valves | product spotlight PV4 and PV6 piston valves The PV4 and PV6 piston valves for isolation purposes are available in NPT and SW versions, in sizes from ½ inch to 2 inches, in either forged carbon steel or forged stainless steel. These valves are designed to Class 800 and provide tight shutoff. They are suitable for steam, condensate, and other liquid systems. The PV4 and PV6 have been developed for use in the oil, gas, and chemical industries. Spirax Sarco,

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