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12 INTECH JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 WWW.ISA.ORG Integrating IT into process manufacturing Many in OT view IT moving into process plants as a good thing due to Industry 4.0, IIoT, and other initiatives By Christopher Logue M uch of the discussion about the de velopment of Industry 4.0 has concentrated on discrete industries. Manufacturers of all sorts of products, from cars to shoes, are discovering how integrating the entire manufacturing process—from de sign to aftermarket service—can be supported by one all-encompassing digital system. When applied well, these concepts are possible and very effective, but companies find there is much to learn when trying to implement them. So, what is the situation with process manu- facturers? What does Industry 4.0 mean to a refinery or fine chemical producer? Automak- ers show how a consumer can use a website to order the desired combination of options and have the car made exactly as specified with everything carried out automatically. How are such concepts relevant to a continuous proces- sor or even batch manufacturer, with industrial customers instead of consumers? Moving manufacturing in these directions may not be practical or even desirable in pro- cess industries. At the same time, the ability to create more comprehensive and integrated digital platforms to support production is very compelling. The connected enterprise elements of Industry 4.0 can be adapted and applied for process manufacturers. However, implementa- tion has its challenges, and one of the most se rious is how it drives the integration of exist- ing plant automation systems and networks with business networks. It is the integration of corporate networks and plant networks, also known respectively as information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT). These two sides have traditionally been sepa- rated, perhaps not like oil and water, but they

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