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W M M M GSR-TIW SUTRO RESERVOIR SSPL SAPL3 CSPL2 CSPL2 SAPL2 HETCH HETCHY WATER OR FROM SVWTP TICP HCP CCP SCP W M W M W M W M W M M M W M M W M W M M M M M M GSR+HBW GSR-SBW GSR-CRW GSR-SRW GSR-LGW LGCP FHCP MCP GSR-CBW SUNSET RESERVOIR SSR-OUT-CP (SFGW) TS6R TS2R BADEN PUMP STATION AND VALVE LOT FROM HTWTP FROM HTWTP HETCH HETCHY WATER OR FROM SVWTP HETCH HETCHY WATER OR FROM SVWTP LAKE MERCED PUMP STATION MERCED MANOR RESERVOIR SAN PEDRO VALVE LOT T64M T61M T63R T62R T60 GSR-MYW CSPL3 GSR-FHW TO CITY DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM UNIVERSITY MOUNT RESERVOIR LMPS- SUTRO-CP (SFGW) LMPS- SUNSET-CP (SFGW) LEGEND: Compliance point (CP) Flowmeter Valve (normally open) Valve (normally closed) INTECH JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 41 SPECIAL SECTION idents. Functional startup tests also prove that the highly reliable SCADA system has been the most important element of the control system that operates 24/7 with highly competent SF staff contributing to the success of this project. n ABOUT THE AUTHORS Diep Nguyen, PE (, is a prin- cipal engineer of DTN Engineers, Inc., and a licensed EE, CSE, and FPE in California. He is a Life Member of ISA and IEEE. Jeff Gilman, PE (, was a SFPUC senior project manager with more than 40 years of experience. He is a licensed geologist and hydrogeologist in California. Todd Reynolds, PE (ToddReynolds@Kenne-, is a vice president of Ken- nedy/Jenks Consultants, a consulting engi- neering firm for environmental projects. A.J. Cottengim (ACottengim@TescoCon- is a senior PLC programmer with Tesco Controls Inc., a system integrator and manufacturer based in Sacramento, Calif. View the online version at Figure 7. Water quality is monitored and controlled at compliance points (stars) and in the regional system and in the Sunset Reservoir in the city. In memoriam Former ISA president Thomas J. Harri- son, PhD, PE, a retired electrical engi- neer and professor, died 18 December 2018. Harrison earned a BS and MS from Carnegie-Mellon University and a PhD from Stanford University. He spent 29 years with IBM in a variety of engineering and engineering man - agement positions at the San Jose and Boca Raton IBM Laboratories and at IBM's Academic Information Systems in Tallahassee. Harrison was an active ISA member, especially in stan- dards. He was S&P vice president on the ISA Executive Board and was ISA president in 1986. Harrison was also a profes- sor of electrical engineering at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering and department chairman from 1988–1995. He published more than 50 articles and invited papers, con- tributed to four books and encyclopedias, and wrote two books. He held four U.S. patents and received IBM's Out- standing Invention and Invention Achievement awards. He also lectured extensively throughout the world, including invited lectures in many foreign countries. n Highlights & Updates | association news Gruhn is 2019 society president P aul Gruhn, PE, CFSE, and ISA Life Fel- low, will serve as ISA president in 2019. In this role, he will lead the ISA Board of Directors, which is responsible for governing, setting policy, and establishing the strategic direction of the organization. "I'm honored to be the 2019 society presi- dent," said Gruhn, a globally recognized expert in process safety and safety instrumented systems who has played a pivotal role in developing ISA safety standards, training courses, and publi- cations. "Like any organization over the last 30 years, ISA has naturally had its ups and downs. To grow and remain relevant, we must adapt to both the changing times and the changing demographics of our industry." Gruhn is a global functional safety consultant with aeSolu- tions, a process safety, cybersecurity, and automation consulting firm. He serves as a co-chair and long-time member of the ISA84 standard committee (on safety instrumented systems) and con- tinues to develop and teach ISA courses on safety systems. He also developed the first commercial safety system modeling pro- gram. Gruhn has written two ISA textbooks, numerous chapters in other books, and dozens of published articles. n

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