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50 INTECH JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 WWW.ISA.ORG product spotlight | Final Control Elements Modulating actuators The company has extended its CMA range of compact modulating actuators with sizes specifi- cally meant for automation of larger linear con- trol valves. The actuator is capable of a maximum 4,500 lbf (20 kN) seating thrust. The new sizes in- crease the CMA range modulating thrust perfor- mance to 3,000 lbf (13 kN) with a 114.3 mm (4.5 inch) stroke length for the automation of larger valves with higher pressure ratings. The CML-1500 and CML-3000 models, including those with hazardous area approvals, are watertight to IP68 for temporary submersion (7 meters, 72 hours). The optional reserve power pack uses supercapacitors to give the actuator enough stored energy to perform predetermined action on mains power fail- ure, such as moving to the fully closed position, the fully open position, or anywhere in between. Manual operation is available as standard. The electric solution is suitable for a variety of applications found in sec- tors such as power generation, chemicals, petrochemicals, and the majority of other process industries. The sizes are designed for linear valve control with modulating duty, generally in remote locations, such as oil pipelines and re mote gas extraction stations where power supplies are limited. Single-phase or DC electrical power is all that is required for control valve actuation. Rotork, Eccentric plug rotary control valve The K-Max eccentric plug rotary control valve incor- porates cam action and low-friction plug opera- tion for tight shutoff in a variety of flow control applications, including high- and low-pressure steam systems; clean, dirty, and corrosive liquids and gases; and erosive and abrasive slurries. With bidirectional flow capability, the valve can handle mediums that are normally flowed to open and flowed to close. The plug action allows the plug to break free of the seat ring upon initial rota- tion of the shaft. The valve has a rangeability of 100:1 for precise throttling over a wide range of flows. It also has a self-aligning orbital seat, which allows orbital movement of the seat ring to provide self-alignment with the plug at assembly. Leslie Controls, Valve positioner The Sipart PS100 is a positioner that can be initialized quickly at the touch of a but- ton, automatically adjusting itself to the attached valve. If required, it is possible to optimize the positioner for a specific appli- cation with one further touch of a button. Just as some cameras have portrait, sport, or night mode, the positioner can be set to different modes for adjustment, open/close operation, and other applications. The device is fitted with a display so users can see its status at a glance. With its four-button operation and Namur NE107 support, the device can be configured. The valve positioner is available in two enclosure variants: polycar- bonate and aluminum. It uses contactless technology to detect the position of the valve. Equipped with a corrosion-resistant silencer, the device is suited to applications in the chemical and power sectors. The Sipart PS2 has some new features. Optional pressure sensors improve the valve diagnostics and process monitoring, increasing the degree of utili- zation and availability of the plant. The positioner supports digitalization in plants. The company's valve monitoring app gives users all the information they need to follow a predictive maintenance approach by performing cloud- based analyses of valve data. It makes control and analysis options available to users so that they can detect when service tasks need to be carried out in good time before faults occur. Siemens, Variable frequency drive The ACQ580 variable frequency drive (VFD) for the water and wastewater industries optimizes wire- to-water or air efficiency. It also works to improve flow and reliability in municipal pumping and aera- tion applications. The VFD includes elements that are specifically designed for municipal markets. For example, the pump clean feature dislodges debris from impel - lers, while the sensorless flow calculation provides flow measurement without a flowmeter. The soft pipe fill mode reduces water-hammer dam - age, while the quick-ramp protects submersible pumps. The ACQ580 is compatible with the com - pany's Ability condition monitoring service, which gives customers real-time data about the status and performance of the monitored equipment from any location. The VFD also has dry-run protection that pre- vents pumps from running without water and embedded PID controllers that automate flow, pressure, level, and dissolved oxygen. Multi - pump control manages operation of up to eight pumps simultaneously. The device also includes integrated safety features, such as safe torque- off and a maximum speed limit to protect against over speeding. ABB,

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