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INTECH MARCH/APRIL 2019 31 AUTOMATION IT Related to this activity, the OPC Foundation and FieldComm Group have an initiative to cre ate a protocol-independent, process auto- mation device information model (PA-DIM) specification based on the industrial interoper- ability standard OPC UA. PROFIBUS/PROFINET International is now participating in this vision, which is supported by NAMUR as part of its Open Architecture (NOA) initiative. The goal is enabling end users to dramatically reduce time to implement advanced analytics, big data proj- ects, and enterprise cloud solutions that rely on information from thousands of geographically dispersed field devices using multiple process automation protocols. RAMI 4.0 definition The RAMI 4.0 Reference Architectural Model and the Industry 4.0 components give companies a framework for developing future products and business models. RAMI 4.0 is a three-dimensional map showing how to approach the deployment of Industry 4.0 in a structured manner. A major goal of RAMI 4.0 is to make sure that all participants involved in Industry 4.0 discussions and activities have a common frame- work to understand each other. The RAMI 4.0 framework is in- tended to enable stan- dards to be identified to determine whether there is any need for additions and amend- ments. This model is complemented by the Industry 4.0 compo- nents. Both results are described in DIN SPEC 91345 (Reference Archi- tecture Model Industrie 4.0). DIN ( represents German interests within the Interna- tional Organization for Standardization (ISO). Today, roughly 85 percent of all national standard projects are European or international in origin. Putting the RAMI 4.0 model in perspective, in the glossary of the VDI/VDE-GMA 7.21 Indust- rie 4.0 technical committee, a reference model is defined as a model that can be generally applied and can be used to derive specific models. There are many examples of this in the field of technol- FAST FORWARD l RAMI 4.0 ensures that all participants involved in Industry 4.0 discussions and activities have a common framework and terminology. l RAMI 4.0 focused on industrial production as the primary area of application, including discrete manufacturing to process industries. l The Industry 4.0 movement continues to accelerate defining the pattern for all industrial automation to achieve the goal of holistic and adaptive automation system architectures. RAMI 4.0 is a three-dimensional map showing the most important aspects of Industrie 4.0. It ensures that all participants involved share a common perspective and develop a common understand ing," ex plains Kai Garrels, chair of the working group Reference Archi tectures, Standards and Norms at the Plattform Industrie 4.0, and head of standardization and industry relations at ABB ( Reference Architectural Model Industrie 4.0 (RAMI 4.0)

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