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INTECH MARCH/APRIL 2019 35 SPECIAL SECTION what needs to be done to fix it. A motor takes care of itself. It knows how to run, and it knows how to deliver power and energy to whatever it is attached to. But when something starts to go wrong, it needs a diagnosis to determine the re pair required. The method and frequency of detection es sen- tially determine the length of the P-F interval. The more often assets are inspected and the more sensitive the method of inspection, the more time there will be between detection of potential failure and when failure actually takes place. Modalities of the P-F curve Technologies and tools used to detect failure can include (earliest to latest): l oil analysis l ultrasound l vibration l thermography l motor testing l physical inspection Each of these methods of testing has some- thing specific to say about an asset's operation, and the timing information has even more to say about the future of the asset. Using these modes of inspection and methods of detection can provide an early warning of decreased per - formance. "Early indicators, like oil analysis and ul- trasound, may just be a signal for additional maintenance actions, such as lubricating bearings, or beginning to plan and schedule maintenance to avoid surprises," Bernet says. "Late indicators, like thermography, may not be soon enough to prevent damage to the shaft, bearings, and components of the rotat- ing machine." The cost of maintenance commonly increas- es the closer you get to the failed state, as there is less time to mitigate or eliminate failure. And, at a certain point, there is no potential failure anymore—the asset has reached failure and must be repaired or replaced. It is also true FAST FORWARD l Used in conjunction with condition monitoring, the P-F curve improves maintenance by allowing staff to do more than just react. l Detecting failures when they are actionable but still early allows organizations to plan the best time to take corrective action. l Using P-F and condition monitoring tools improves productivity and uptime.

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