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42 INTECH MARCH/APRIL 2019 WWW.ISA.ORG How multivariable DP flowmeters can improve performance Using a DP flowmeter to measure additional variables beyond basic flow measurement increases precision and reduces costs By Connor Oberle D ifferential pressure (DP) is a common and well-understood technology for measuring the flow of process fluids for several reasons: l Versatility: It can measure virtually any type of fluid: liquid, gas, or steam. l Scalability: Installations can be any size. l Precision: When designed and executed well, DP has very high accuracy. Another attribute is the ability of DP flow- me ters to measure multiple variables using so- phisticated transmitters. Let's unpack this idea and consider what flow is and how it is measured. Uncompensated versus compensated flow When measuring flow, simple DP flowmeters provide a reading using just a DP measure - ment. Using a simple formula, the DP value can be used to determine a flow rate. For many processes, such as liquids where the density Figure 1. Using a mix of measured and config - ured variables, a DP flowmeter can provide a variety of different readings.

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