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28 INTECH JULY/AUGUST 2019 WWW.ISA.ORG FACTORY AUTOMATION across the whole business. How do we reach a future digital nir- vana with the mantra of agile? Cloud is the answer in many industries, and we believe that it is a key enabler for the digital enterprise of the future. The cloud is already the infrastructure of choice for most business applications, but it remains unexploited for most operational applications. The reason is that most valuable operational ap- plications rely on a continuous feed of plant data, which means they can never be isolated from the plant in a way that a human resources perfor- mance management system or capi- tal budgeting system can. This is partially addressed with "edge devices" living in the "fog" between the real world of the plant and the virtual world of the cloud to bridge the gap. But there is still a potential pathway for a "bad actor" to reach the plant even through an edge device. From an infor- mation technology point of view, the cloud offers some compelling savings versus an on-premise approach. But unless the operational risk associated with exposing the plant to the cloud is offset by the value created by the peo- ple and applications it serves, its use will remain marginal. Where possible, the cloud should be exploited to host the digital twin for the following reasons: l The cloud can engage people and technologies from outside corporate boundaries. Examples include aug - mentation with georeferenced 3D visualization models. In remote or resource-constrained environments, the cloud allows remote subject- matter experts to join in the day- to-day troubleshooting and profit improvement activities of the plant, using the digital twin, as if they were employees present on site. l The cloud enables the digital twin to subscribe to external data feeds that can enrich its resolution. l The cloud allows experts to offer an- alytical capabilities remotely. l The cloud supports and nourishes agility with respect to the digital twin. Users can experiment and rap- idly deploy new solutions. The cloud makes solution updates trivial and significantly reduces infrastructure costs. Similarly, the cloud reduces the cost of termination—if a solu- tion does not work out as expected, a cloud solution can often be switched off with little-to-no ongoing cost. Overall, connecting the plant to the wider knowledge pool, and thus com- pleting the digital twin, provides a lot of value. Risks can be managed with governance, cybersecurity measures, and localized operational applications. A focus on the outcomes and an agile organization are key to making the bal- ance right for the plant. Digitalization is accelerating and dis- rupting the decision cycle. For the first time, a digital nirvana can be within reach for the energy, chemical, and process manufacturing industries. A digital twin initiative can rally your op- erations around this vision and create lasting, sustainable business value. n ABOUT THE AUTHORS Joseph Ting is a vice president in Yok- ogawa's Digital Transformation Platform Center. Based in Singapore, he is focused on marketing strategy, customer needs, and customer experience. His degree is in electrical and computer engineering, and he has more than 20 years of experience in system integration, software develop - ment, product management, sales and marketing, and industrial automation. Duncan Micklem is the executive vice presi- dent, strategy and marketing, for Yokoga- wa North America and KBC, a Yokogawa company. Based in Houston, Micklem is responsible for business strategy and mar - keting. He started his career in the engi- neering industry with AMEC and has since held business management roles focused on development, strategy, restructuring, and planning at KBC. Micklem holds a de - gree in biology and geography from the University of Exeter, U.K., an MBA from Cass Business School in the U.K. View the online version at Figure 5. Outcomes-as-a-service (XaaS) uses the digital twin. Capability assurance aaS Supply chain option aaS Energy & emissions management aaS Inventory option aaS Value eng. & simulation aaS Process/ production option aaS Flow assurance aaS Adv. process control & RTO aaS Remote monitoring aaS Asset management aaS D i g i t a l t w i n O p X ® - a s - a - S e r v i c e s o l u t i o n s ( X a a S ) Agility and convergence in understanding and action across the whole business

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