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association news | Highlights & Updates 42 INTECH JULY/AUGUST 2019 WWW.ISA.ORG The Board also knew it was important to tap into the col- lective wisdom of the Society, and that became the purpose of the Strategic Leader Meeting. After a brief dialogue about each objective, the leaders worked in small groups and brainstormed ideas. They summarized their suggestions for the group, which were captured in an online mind-mapping tool. With all the ideas captured, each leader identified the top two priorities un - der each objective. There were so many great ideas—you could feel the energy in the room, and we came out of the sessions with great input. We are thrilled to report that 100 percent of attendee survey responses confirmed "the strategic discussions were valuable to me." Some comments on the overall meeting included: "I really enjoyed the format, content, and people. Definitely a valuable experience." "I found the people at the meeting intelligent, passionate, and willing to do what it takes to improve the society." "I better appreciate the vision and challenges of ISA." "ISA is in a much better place, financially and strategically." I have personally been attending ISA leader meetings for close to 30 years. The positive vibe at this SLM was appar - ent to everyone. Many used the words "positive," "exciting," and "optimistic" in their feedback. There was more levity and laughter than any other leader meeting I can recall. One leader stated it was the most positive meeting he has been to in 15 years. At the close of the meeting, leaders and staff were asked to pledge what they would do differently moving forward. Some of the responses were: "Think collectively. Let others share ideas and listen carefully." "Keep an open mind to new opportunities and ideas." "Pitch in to help solve a problem that I have been waiting for others to solve." (There were several variations of "stop com - plaining.") "I will encourage others to join and participate in leadership at my local section." If you care about the future direction, success, and health of your society, I strongly encourage you to get involved. If you have ideas on what we can be doing better, we want to hear from you! You will be seeing tools and resources soon that will make getting in- volved much easier. Exciting times are ahead! Thank you for being part of the ISA community. n BY PAUL GRUHN, 2019 ISA PRESIDENT T his past month, ISA leaders con- vened in North Carolina for the first of two in-person meetings. This was our Strategic Leader Meeting (SLM) and is intended to be a meeting of a relatively small group (around 50) of volunteer lead - ers to discuss strategic issues and opera- tional details. Our second in-person meeting, the Annual Leadership Confer- ence, will be in October. This event has a larger and broader au- dience (around 150 volunteer leaders) and includes the Council of Society Delegates business meeting, professional development training, and the Society's annual Honors and Awards Gala. Many of our standards committees also meet before or after the annual conference. I believ e that all members have a voice in our future, and I am excited to share some of the work that happened during the Stra - tegic Leader Meeting. I hope that you will get some sense of the excitement and optimism that I feel for where we are going based on the compelling conversations at this event. Before I give more details, let's remember the journey we have been on as an organization. During the past year, we have revised our vision and mission statements. Our vision is to create a better world through automation. Our mission is to advance technical competence by connecting the automation community to achieve operational excellence. We have also developed five core values: excellence; integrity; diversity and inclusion; collaboration; and professionalism. Leveraging these concepts, the Executive Board worked to de velop strategic objectives that will move our mission forward over the next three to five years: • Establish and advance ISA's relevance and credibility as the home of automation by anticipating industry needs, collabo - rating with stakeholders, and developing and delivering perti- nent technical content. • Enhance member value and expand engagement opportuni- ties to nurture and grow a more diverse and global commu- nity to advance the automation profession. • Become the recognized leader in automation and control education, providing training, certifications, and publications to prepare the workforce to address technology changes and industry challenges in the most flexible and relevant ways. • Create opportunities for members to improve critical leader- ship skills, to build a network of industry professionals, and to develop the next generation of automation professionals. With the long-term focus of the objectives established, your Board also discussed possible goals (9–18 months), tactics (up to 6 months), and key performance indicators. ISA's Strategic Leader Meeting moves organization forward "I found the people at the meeting intel - ligent, passionate, and willing to do what it takes to improve the society." — Attendee

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