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4 INTECH MAY/JUNE 2017 WWW.ISA.ORG PROCESS AUTOMATION 16 Pragmatic exploitation of process data By Greg Olsen, PhD Manufacturing processes continue to get better at produc- ing data, but the ability to exploit this data for meaningful operational benefits is not keeping pace. Prepackaged machine learning technologies extend existing data storage infrastructure and are a practical way for operations teams to better understand the state of process machinery or the process itself. FACTORY AUTOMATION 20 Drones in automation By Marissa Morales-Rodriguez, PhD; Sterling Rooke, PhD; Peter Fuhr, PhD; and Penny Chen, PhD Y ou see them flying around the neighborhood, and you see them in coordinated flight during the Super Bowl halftime show. Drones—but in this case laden with sensors—may be coming to an industrial plant near you…and soon! AUTOMATION IT 28 A practical approach to ICS cybersecurity By Lee Neitzel and Gabe Faifman Industrial control system cybersecurity can be intimidating, with high stakes and sophisticated technology. Ask any industrial cybersecurity expert about it, and you are likely to hear that ICS cybersecurity is different from IT cybersecurity, that security risk assessments are indispensable, and that cybersecurity discussions are littered with highly specialized terminology. There are common defense-in-depth mecha- nisms for ICSs, and selecting appropriate ones should be based on a thorough security assessment. SYSTEM INTEGRATION 32 Digital Plant Maturity Model By Eric Anttonen, Harmik Begi, Michael Dubs, Ian Helliwell, and Jane Selva The Digital Plant Maturity Model is a collaboration of 20 industry experts from 11 major biopharmaceutical com- panies with expertise in manufacturing, IT, automation, and analytics. The group understands the industry and its technology and the evolving biologics market and the innovations that will enable it. COVER STORY Industry 4.0 for Process By Bill Lydon Industry 4.0 for Process is an initiative focused on ap- plying technology to improve the effectiveness, produc- tivity, quality, and responsiveness of process industry automation systems, including make-to-order, flexible manufacturing. Key concepts include process applica - tions with direct communications from field devices simultaneously to process control, business systems, supply chain, engineering, and planning systems. 10 SPECIAL SECTION: PROCESS INDUSTRY TRENDS 36 Optimizing to the tune of a PID equation By Bill Dehner For many control system programmers, PID loops can be difficult due to their complexity and the math involved. The calculus may have been forgot- ten or never learned, but a look at the PID loop equation can be helpful when tuning a loop. May/June 2017 | Vol 64, Issue 3

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