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INTECH JULY/AUGUST 2017 27 SYSTEM INTEGRATION just-in-time parts management. A remote piece of equipment could self-monitor and analyze its condition and that of its subassemblies and individual compo- nents. An edge analytics model could then predict which components will fail and when, and assess that failure's effect on the equipment's operation. This could then trigger part replace- ment notifications to be sent to the origi- nal equipment manufacturer (OEM), the equipment operator, and any third party, such as a dealer, that will handle the re- placement. The OEM could then dispatch the replacement part to the dealer, who could, in turn, confirm a maintenance schedule with the operator. Most impor- tantly, the timing of each stage in the pro- cess would be determined by the original time-to-failure prediction made by the equipment—thus resulting in the founda- tion for a new business model. Build analytics capabilities for the future The benefits of edge analytics' problem- focused approach will initially be seen at the edge of the network. That means opti- mization will first occur at the level of indi- vidual pieces of equipment. Realizing the wider benefits of edge capabilities across the whole organization will require analy- sis and optimization further up the chain. Just-in-time parts management will, for example, maximize the uptime and utilization of each piece of equipment with edge capabilities. But optimizing maintenance scheduling and parts man- agement across an entire fleet means ag- gregating all the individual equipment outputs and then applying more tradi- tional forms of analytics. Most organiza- tions will thus opt for a hybrid analytics approach, incorporating both edge and cloud capabilities, optimized for their re- quirements and circumstances. But starting at the edge and working to- ward the center could be the fastest route to realizing material benefits for a busi- ness. Building and testing an edge model offers a predicted benefits statement that can be used to build a wider business case. In this way, edge capabilities can be used to kick-start a wider program. They can represent the first step in an organi- zation's journey to capture the immense value that lies in the billions of connected devices set to join the Industrial Internet of Things today and in the future. n ABOUT THE AUTHORS Andrew D. Hopkins (Andrew.D.Hopkins@, managing director, Ac - centure Mobility, part of Accenture Digi- tal, serves as the IoT lead for multiple in- dustries, including industrial equipment, infrastructure and transportation, auto - motive, consumer goods and services, and retail. He is an IoT enthusiast who believes passionately that IoT will help address many of today's most pressing social problems. IoT offers an opportunity to take action based on a wealth of new understanding in areas such as health - care, the environment, safety, and the prevention of avoidable disasters. Brian Irwin leads Accenture's Industrial Group in North America responsible for the company's automotive, construction, freight and logistics, industrial equipment, and public trans - port industry seg- ments. He helps clients exploit the advantages that are being created by Industry X.0 and the digital disruption that is driving innovation, new products, services, and busi- ness models. Irwin has more than 20 years of consult - ing experience working for indus- trial organizations in areas such as product develop - ment, operations, supply chain, lo - gistics, and disrup- tive technologies. Prior to consult - ing, he worked for General Motors. View the online version at 20170804. "Cisco Has Completed the Acquisition of Parstream" egy-office/acquisitions/parstream.html#~ "Hewlett Packard Enterprise Drives Intelligence at 'The Edge' with New IoT Solutions" html?id=2128042 "Dell Disrupts Internet of Things Marketplace with Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series" secure/2015-10-20-dell-edge-gateway- 5000-internet-of-things "Intel Launches New IoT Platform for Smart Things" www.machinetomachinemagazine. com/2015/11/09/intel-launches-new-iot- platform-for-smart-things RESOURCES

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