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4 INTECH JULY/AUGUST 2017 WWW.ISA.ORG PROCESS AUTOMATION 16 Serialization implementation By Bill Lydon Big pharmaceutical has responded to serialization regula- tions with a variety of project approaches and technology. Get a glimpse inside Sanofi's globally managed approach to material-handling equipment, business process, IT solutions and architecture, and validation. FACTORY AUTOMATION 20 Take a safe approach to collaborative robots By Carole Franklin When using a robot designed for collaborative use, safety standards require companies to complete a risk assessment and mitigate any risks. The highly anticipated technical specification ISO/TS 15066:2016 Robots and Robotic Devices – Collaborative Robots has data-driven guidelines for designers, integrators, and users of human-robot collaborative systems for evaluating and mitigating risks. SYSTEM INTEGRATION 24 When the cloud isn't fast enough By Andrew D. Hopkins and Brian Irwin Edge analytics, a new approach to optimizing indus- trial analytics, can unlock tremendous value to help businesses build the capabilities they need. AUTOMATION IT 28 Data integrity By Bill Lydon Patients and consumers rely upon the pharmaceutical industry to research, innovate, manufacture, and dis - tribute medicines and products at very high standards, and regulatory focus and expectations are increasing. Automation and IT systems can support a number of the technical and business processes for data integrity. EXCELLENCE AWARDS 38 Real-time data takes center stage By Bob Felton ISA's awards program celebrates excellence in automation. SPECIAL SECTION: VISION SYSTEMS 34 Manufacturing 4.0 By Mathew Daniel Machine vision images and related data can be collected and used to help drive quality, improve yield, and contribute to faster resolution of quar - antines and recalls. Success can be achieved by understanding how to architect collection, stor - age, and analysis of vision system information. COVER STORY Mining and IT-OT convergence By Bas Mutsaers Mining industry changes in the economic downturn, including capital reduction and the low availability of excess cash, has forced the productivity agenda. Good reporting and intelligence is essential to support an operation targeted not only for "maximum production," but also for "maximum efficiency at variable throughput levels." Adopting ISA95 models gives enterprise architec - ture teams a solid starting point for a connected organi- zation and sufficient control of their overall process. July/August 2017 | Vol 64, Issue 4 10

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