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18 INTECH SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 WWW.ISA.ORG benefits of RFID technology. For example, RFID technology can increase a company's productivity and reliability. By generating real-time data, RFID systems help prevent product and equipment shortages; bring customers reliable, on-time de- livery or service; track parts inventory; and pro vide maintenance history in the field. This article considers several RFID use cases within the automation environment, explaining why and how an organization should start the process of implementing an RFID system. R adio frequency identification (RFID) technology continues to expand in both adoption and scope of application. RFID usage has been most prolific in retail and con - sumer applications, such as tags on clothing to prevent theft and in wristbands at theme parks and music festivals. There has also been substantial growth in recent years in the use of RFID in automation, manufacturing, and in - dustrial environments. The reason for this growth is the significant By Ed Garstkiewicz RFID technology delivers benefits across many industries Radio frequency identification increases productivity and reliability in automation applications

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