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28 INTECH SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 WWW.ISA.ORG AUTOMATION IT For example, key components of Pio- neer's technologies are advanced refrigera- tion system designs that can be very sen- sitive to changing operational conditions. The visual analytics application software has allowed Pioneer to isolate these effects, identify their causes, and develop simple operational rules to extend the life of the capital investment. One of Pioneer's core value offerings is operating systems remotely. The software helps identify a problem with equipment in the field, so corrective action can be tak- en quickly. For instance, the company uses air-cooled cascade refrigeration systems. During hot days, discharge temperatures and pressures can rise to elevated levels, leading to hardware failure. Advanced metrics and pre- dictive analytics detect this situa- tion, so operators can intervene and turn down the sys- tem throughput until the condition has cleared. All data from the well site is streamed to a centralized, se- cure data center, where the analytics server resides and accesses all field data. From there, the visual analyt- ics application software interface is made available via a web proxy server. Technicians and engineers can access the data anywhere there is a network connec- tion, including at the well site itself with a cellular hot spot (figure 4). Installation and startup The visual ana- lytics application software vendor performed two on-site training sessions in addi - tional to remote installation and code develop - ment help ses- sions. The soft- ware application engineers iden - tified an unusual issue causing an in- stallation failure. Pioneer had made the vendor's subject-matter experts acces - sible through a web proxy server, which involves multiple port forwarding and se - curity rules. Due to the many operations tools running on the server, there was a port conflict. A quick live session with the vendor identified the issue. Other than this issue, installation and startup pro - ceeded as planned without a hitch. Results The single biggest outcome of the visual analytics application software installation is improved operational intelligence. The applications are simple to use, yet powerful visualization and analysis tools shed light on otherwise complex processes. There are many possibilities, and the only challenge now is deciding which mystery to tackle next, because the solution to any problem can be quickly determined. At this point, Pioneer wants to increase visual analytics application software uptake and adoption throughout the organization as a funda- mental design and operations tool. n ABOUT THE AUTHOR Andy Young (ayoung@pioneerenergy. com) is the director of operations at Pio- neer Energy. He oversees all aspects of operating mobile gas processing solu - tions, including the controls, software, and network layers necessary to provide access to remote machine data. His team conducts 24/7 operations of Pioneer Energy assets from its headquarters in Lakewood, Colo. He has a BS in chemical and life science engineering from Virginia Commonwealth University. View the online version at RESOURCES "Big data analytics need new solutions" "Natural Soda uses wireless technology to monitor mining operations" "End users want COTS, and they want it now" Figure 4. Well-site data is processed by Seeq and made available via a web server. It is available anywhere in the world to Pioneer Energy engineers—even at the well site, as the author demonstrates.

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