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association news | Highlights & Updates 38 INTECH SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 WWW.ISA.ORG International Instrumentation Symposium New CAPs and CCSTs Qualifying for and passing one of ISA's certification exams is a noteworthy accomplishment. The exams are rigorous and require a solid command of various disciplines in automation and control. Below is a list of individuals who have recently passed either our Certified Automation Professional (CAP) or one of the three levels of our Certified Control System Technician (CCST) exam. Congratulations to our new certification holders! For more information about the ISA CAP and CCST certification programs, please visit H eld 7–8 November in Houston, the 2017 International Instrumentation Symposium will highlight instrumenta - tion and communications, emphasizing the Industrial Internet of Things, current trends in industrial communications, and advances in cybersecurity networks and systems most per - tinent to industry. Attendees may also register for the training course CyberSensors: Advancements in Automation Cyberphys - ical Security (IC87C), offered 6 November. Contact ISA at +1 919-549-8411,, or www.isa. org/iis2017 for more information or to register. n Certified Control System Technicians Name Company Location Level 1 Darryl Villareal None U.S. Gregory Paul Breitzke Stephan Co. U.S. Steve S. Gerovac None U.S. John R. Bristle Stephan Co. U.S. David F. Shaw Stephan Co. U.S. John E. Hopwood None U.S. Chris S. Clakley None U.S. Ryan J. Boese Stephan Co. U.S. Girard R. Bourque None U.S. Bradley B. Bailey None U.S. Jesse L. Davis PCI U.S. Justin D. Critchlow Alyeska Pipeline U.S. Craig A. H. Johnson Suez North America U.S. Christopher A. Fitka Alyeska Pipeline U.S. James K. Jacob Linde U.S. Ahmed Krambo Linde U.S. Richard A. Hubby None U.S. Matthew A. Kovac Eastman Chemical Co. U.S. Jesse A. Murphy None U.S. Delroy S. Menzies Moorehead Engineering Inc. U.S. Matthew J. Thurmond Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. U.S. Robert M. Rivas None U.S. Steven B. King None U.S. Thomas W. Prince None U.S. Joseph C. Hill Epic Engineering LLC U.S. Mark R. Henderson Eastman Chemical Co. U.S. Ibrahim A. Almeftah None Saudi Arabia Michael T. Fenger None U.S. Ramtane Khettar None U.S. Stephen B. Redding None U.S. Rudolph G. Geiger None U.S. Robert J. Bohn None U.S. Scott C. Hartman None U.S. Michael A. Blackman City of West Sacramento U.S. Eley Vann None U.S. Stephen P. Heatherington Primex Control U.S. Mauricio J. Marin None U.S. Shay A. Eyles PCT U.S. Justin D. Felious None U.S. Osmar Noe Guerrero Barron Oxiteno Mexico SA de CV Mexico Kyle D. Reynolds Gilead Sciences U.S. John D. Herndon None U.S. Matthew James Kohnen None U.S. Mason K. Shumard None U.S. Luke A. Bragg None U.S. James V. Maloney None U.S. Name Company Location John N. Drzayich None U.S. Jason A. Boggess None U.S. Brian R. Westling None U.S. Walter E. Alexander None U.S. Level 2 Bryan Keith Hebert None U.S. Brian Crozier Bayer U.S. James R. Kimball MWD U.S. Timothy D. Brady None U.S. Omar J. Acosta None U.S. Nicholas P. Nolan MWD U.S. Jessie Smiley MWD U.S. Charles E. Johnson None U.S. Christopher A. Brainerd None U.S. Level 3 Jillaura Lynne Noble None U.S. Bradley M. Salter None Canada Michael R. Novotny None U.S. Christopher T. Long None U.S. Nicolas Anthony Brandon None U.S. Sameh M. Wahba None U.S. Certified Automation Professionals Name Company Location Sriram Ramalingam None India Camila Leite Cancio None Brazil Rajeshkumar B. Bhatt None Canada Ramakrishna Vordhi None Canada Jeevan P. Yerraji None U.S. Alex J. Saucier Champion Technology Services U.S. Giri Srinivasan None India Ahmed Ibrahim Daoud None Saudi Arabia Charles George Chettiar Imagenation Pro India Linda F. Powers UOP U.S. Roy Montana None U.S. Craig A. H. Johnson Suez North America U.S. Deivasigamani Seenidurairaj WS Atkins & Partners U.A.E. Ramanaji Veduri None U.S. Jason A. Reed None U.S. Edward E. Goff None U.S. Ross M. Cusack Aspen Electrical Ltd. Ireland Samuel Eikhenomian None U.S. Hazem Mahmoud Elsayed PGES Co. Egypt Jeremy F. Harris None U.S. Charles J. Rewoldt None U.S. Robert P. Connors Jacobs Engineering Group U.S.

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