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INTECH SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 43 AUTOMATION BASICS allows them to focus on organizing in- formation models that best serve their industries instead of the mechanisms to transport, encode, and secure data. They now use the OPC UA Foundation, the organizing association for OPC UA, to provide those and support that part of the infrastructure. Secondly, there is broad industry sup- port from industrial automation sup- pliers, industrial networking standards, and enterprise software suppliers. If you are one of those engineers who have been ignoring OPC UA and the whole Internet of Things, cloud, Microsoft Azure business, it is time to get serious about it. Yes, it has not been our bread and butter in the past, but the times "they are a changing." Seeing pieces drop out of a mold, packages flying down a conveyor line, or bottles and cans being precisely filled is now only part of our job. Get- ting the data we need to operate more productively and efficiently is the new rience of the industrial automation industry. It is a unique tool that goes beyond existing industrial protocols with information modeling and de- livery tools that provide access to that information to clients throughout the enterprise. OPC UA is in your future Hands down, OPC UA is the most open, reliable, secure technology for moving data between factory, enterprise appli- cations, and the cloud. For that reason alone, it will be part of your future in- dustrial network. There are two other reasons, however. One, major trade organizations are using OPC UA as an infrastructure component that provides the latest transports, encoding, and security to their applications from building auto- mation to undersea drilling. They use OPC UA as the infrastructure for mov- ing their data models between end devices, controllers, and the cloud. It Build it, See it, Price it, Order it. Point and click or tap to specify valve type, end connections, actuator, and accessories. Model number, price, description, and photo all update instantly! Try one today at: We Make Valve Automation Easy! Online Valve Configurators Quickly & Easily Specify a Complete Automated Valve Assembly on Your PC, Tablet, or Phone Wherever you see this image Convert Your Mobile Device into a HART Communicator … with our Advanced HART-based Products C O N N E C T > C O N F I G U R E > D O C U M E N T Complete DD-based HART Communicator for any device - PC, Tablet, Phone. Your choice! Complete DD-based HART Communicator for any operating system - Windows, iOS, Android. Your choice! Full line of registered HART Modems - USB, RS232, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy Your choice! Use your own host device or one of our complete systems. Hazardous area options available. Significant cost savings • Mobile convenience • Satisfaction guaranteed NEW! iOS Version now available! job—and OPC UA is going to be your tool to move forward! n ABOUT THE AUTHOR John Rinaldi (jrinaldi@rtaautomation. com) is chief strategist and CEO of Real Time Automation (RTA) in Brookfield, Wisc. A globally recognized expert in industrial networks, Rinaldi is an auto- mation strategist, speaker, blogger, and author of hundreds of articles and four books on industrial networking. RESOURCES OPC Foundation OPC UA – Unified Architecture: The Everyman's Guide to the Most Important Information Technology in Industrial Automation guide-opc-unified-archi

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