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FACTORY AUTOMATION INTECH NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 27 For each definition, many event occurences Is assembled from > Is a specialization of > Has record specifications of > Has properties of > 0..1 0..* 0..* 0..* 0..* 0..* 0..* 0..* 1 0..1 0..* 0..* 1 Operations event class Operations event class property < Is a member of < Defined by < Maps to < Contains < Maps to General bag of Name Value pairs option Explicit event structure defined by record specification Operations event definition Operations event definition property Has record specifications of > Has properties of > Is made up of > 0..* 0..1 < Maps to 0..1 0..* < Specified by 0..* 0..* < Contains 0..* 0..* 0..* 0..* Operations event Operations event property Is a collection of > Has values of > 0..* 0..* < Contains Operations record specification operations event class record specification Operations record specification operations event definition record specification Operations record operations event record Figure 4. The Operations Event Model UML diagram per ISA-95 Part 2 Build it, See it, Price it, Order it. Point and click or tap to specify valve type, end connections, actuator, and accessories. Model number, price, description, and photo all update instantly! Try one today at: We Make Valve Automation Easy! Online Valve Configurators Quickly & Easily Specify a Complete Automated Valve Assembly on Your PC, Tablet, or Phone Wherever you see this image

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