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INTECH NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 29 FACTORY AUTOMATION operations events per function. Figure 6 from the working draft shows some of the proposed common operations events, where each noun is explicitly de- fined with the ISA-95 Part 2 (operations) and Part 4 (work) objects in the opera- tions event record. Operations event example: ResourceAcquired The operations event ResourceAcquired notifies the subscribing plant systems containing the dependent MOM func- tions of the acquisition and release of new physical resources into the plant. The physical resources may have been acquired through processes, such as pro- curement, personnel management, or production processes producing material lots or sublots. Figure 7 shows an example of the MOM functions subscribing to the resource management function through their associated plant systems. The pub- lishing system may be either the MES, product life-cycle management system, or ERP system. The system publishes the operations event, re source acquired , when a new resource is available for scheduling and use in operations. The operations event message is a very powerful method for communi - cating event information across the plant and enterprise in a single struc - tured message. n ABOUT THE AUTHORS Charlie Gifford (, senior advanced manufacturing consultant, 21st Century Manufacturing Solutions, LLC, has developed advanced manufactur- ing systems in many industries and is an internationally recognized expert in com- bining lean manufacturing practices with manufacturing operations sys- tems. He is the author of more than 40 papers about optimiza- tion best practices, as well as The Hitchhikers Guide to Manufac- turing Operations Management: ISA-95 Best Practices Book 1.0 and When Worlds Collide in Manufacturing Operations: ISA- 95 Best Practices Book 2.0. He was awarded the 2007 MESA International Outstanding Con- tributor Award. David Daff (, decision automation director, strategy and innovation group, technology department, BHP, has more than 15 years of experience in the technology and communications industry. He is responsible for executing the vision of executive management and enhancing those visions into a road map, business case, return on investment, solution designs, and implementation deliverables for mining company BHP. View the online version at resource acquired Level 4 functions Resource management Execution management Performance analysis Dispatching Data collection Detailed scheduling Tracking Figure 7. Typical part MOM functions subscribing to the ResourceAcquired operations event V 2 0 0 V A LV E A C C E S S O R I E S & C O N T R O L S , I N C . 200 Jade Park Chelsea, Alabama 35043 T E L : 205.678.0507 F A X : 205.678.0510 VACACCESSORIES.COM D 4 0 0 D 5 0 0 V 1 0 0 THE VAC POSITIONERS. S I M P L E • R E L I A B L E Q U A L I T Y P R O D U C T S Since 2001, Valve Accessories & Controls has built a reputation as a company co mmitted to quality products, and a commitment to service, second to none. • Pneumatic, Analog, and Digital Positioners • Wide selection of Mounting Kits • No Phone Mazes to Navigate • Experienced Staff • Service and Technical Support • Customer Focused Website

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