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4 INTECH NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 WWW.ISA.ORG PROCESS AUTOMATION 16 New roles for process historians By Wayne Matthews Modern historians do much more than store process data, they also provide analysis, reports, and valuable operational and business information. FACTORY AUTOMATION 22 ISA-95 evolves to support smart manufacturing and IIoT By Charlie Gifford and David Daff Intelligent manufacturing in many forms has gained momentum and brought new challenges and oppor - tunities for manufacturing technologies and standards across industries. Actual successful deployment and realized business cases are still limited, but the realized engineering methods are rapidly evolving due to the investment of innovators. SYSTEM INTEGRATION 32 Will blockchain technology disrupt the ICS world? By Steve Mustard, PE, Eur. Ing., CAP, and Mark Davison, MIET Blockchain is a novel technology that leading industry players predict will cause major disruption to many existing industries, including banking, real estate, sup- ply chain, voting, and energy management. Blockchain technology could also disrupt the ICS world. AUTOMATION IT 36 Three keys to designing and configuring secure industrial networks By Richard Wood Securing industrial control systems is more important than ever. ICS cybersecurity standards like NERC CIP, ISA- 99 (IEC 62443), and NIST 800-82 have been drafted to help identify and implement ICS security best practices. There are three common aspects that these standards and many cybersecurity experts agree are fundamental to deploying secure industrial networks. COVER STORY Is it time for a change in cybersecurity? By Peter Fuhr and Sterling Rooke It is imperative to develop fundamentally different strate- gies than today's "bolt-on" approach to cybersecurity. The solution may be a research and development activity that has been underway within the U.S. national labora - tory system, named DarkNet, to perform a "fresh eyes" analysis of the methods, goals, and practicality of existing cybersecurity designs and implementations. November/December 2017 | Vol 64, Issue 6 10 SPECIAL SECTION: IT/OT CONVERGENCE 40 Automation professionals' new role By Peter G. Martin, PhD Business and operations functions within an industrial enterprise traditionally have been separated, but recent technology advancements have caused organizations to rethink IT and OT relationships. As the only talent base in industrial companies that understands real-time process dynamics, automation professionals have a very promising future, as long as they step up and lead the development of real-time business control systems.

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