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INTECH NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 55 Electronic platforms The Numatics G3 series and 580 series electronic platforms have been expanded to control up to 128 solenoid valves on a single valve manifold assembly. The platforms have flex- ible process control architectures that permit the design engineer or end user to optimize the size of the control cabinet for the num- ber of required valves. The valve platforms can support 128 Nu- matics 501 series solenoid valves and 80 Nu- matics 502 and 503 series valves. They can support 80 18-mm and larger valve sizes on a single manifold. The valve platforms also have mid-station blocks with valve drivers and auxiliary power connectors, so customers pay only for the capacity and functionality they re quire. A wide variety of Numatics G3 and 580 series electronic protocols are supported, including Ethernet/IPTM DLR, Profibus DP, and valve sub-bus for distribution. ASCO Field-based DC-control The company added two DC-voltage switching models to its One Series Safety Transmitter (ST) line. The devices can directly switch 24 VDC and 125 VDC as well as 250 VAC loads. The ST models can now provide SIL 2–certified control for many types of final elements, including pilot valves, actuators, motor controllers, and other SIS ele- ments, without involving a DCS or safety PLC. One Series safety transmitters reduce cost and improve safety by embedding a process sensor, logic solver, and safety relay in a single, SIL 2–certified field device. Although it looks like a traditional temperature or pressure transmitter, the ST can also switch final ele- ments, such as valves, motors, and blowers directly from the trans- mitter, maximizing response time while eliminating the wiring needed to route a shutdown or alarm response through a PLC or another safety controller. To address the growing demand for lower voltage switching of 24 VDC equipment, there is now a safety relay output (SRO) capable of handling 0–30 VDC at 6 amperes. To meet the needs of customers who were using 125 VDC equipment, most of whom are in the power industry, the company added an SRO capable of switching 0–130 VDC at 2.5 amperes. All of the series safety transmitters have 4–20 mA NAMUR NE 43 standard output. The transmitters are certified for use in SIL 2 safety instrumented systems and are capable of SIL 3, per IEC 61508. They have configurable self-diagnostics and achieve a safe failure fraction of 98.8%. Additional low-level discrete outputs communicate health and set point status. Instrument response time is less than 100 milliseconds. United Electric Controls Hot Stuff for the Automation Market | products CyberFence – Certified Industri al Cybersecurity You Can Afford HART Communicator App 3eTI's CyberFence solu- tions are designed to easily embed security into industrial automa- tion and control systems to shield critical infra- structure against cyber- attacks without interruption. 3eTI understands how indus- trial control systems work and drives to develop innovative solutions that complement and support operational practic- es. CyberFence solutions are designed to protect operational technology (OT) networks and are certified for robustness by widely recognized global standards bodies, government, and military agencies. CyberFence's military-grade technol- ogy surpasses basic firewall, perimeter, and signature-based defense, extending protection to SCADA and other net- worked system end points using protocol-specific parsing and whitelisting to ensure data integrity—all at a price you can afford! Email for a demo today at Ultra Electronics 3eTI 301-670-6779 A full-featured HART Communicator App is now available for your iPhone or iPad. The App uses the Device De - scriptors (DD) for the connected HART instrument, so all instrument param - eters including Methods are available. The full DD library is included. Use the App to read process data, instrument status, edit parameters, and perform instrument trims. Save complete HART instrument configurations as .pdf and .csv files for use in your asset management system. Detailed instrument configuration data can now be easily shared throughout the plant using email. Saved configu- rations can even be downloaded to new instruments. By using your existing iPhone or iPad, significant savings are possible. This, combined with a truly mobile experience, improves productivity considerably. ProComSol, Ltd 216-221-1550

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