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INTECH JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018 11 COVER STORY rum will publish a "snapshot" of the first version of the technical standard. This document will give industry par- ticipants a strong indication of where the forum is heading from a formal technical standard perspective. This will allow industry participants not di- rectly involved with the forum's stan- dard development process to review and comment on its direction." Business Guide The Business Guide is a business ref- erence for senior stakeholder leader- ship. It describes the vision, mission, and scope of the OPAF and details several vertical industry use cases. It also describes the envisioned future ecosystem and the approach to reach - ing that future through the develop- ment of a "standard of standards." The co-chairmen working on the guide are Darren Blue, Cloud Platforms, Health, and Silicon Photonics Groups senior controller at Intel Corporation, and Eugene Tung, West Point site IT lead, Merck Sharp & Dohme. Technical working groups Hietala and Harrington say the tech- nical working groups are all working in parallel to facilitate development of the standard. Harrington commented, "The technical working group sub- committees are working diligently to- ward their aspects of standardization." Asked if these groups are working on high-level requirements at this point, Harrington responded that they are "a little bit beyond that with the business working group having come up with a couple of hundred identified require- ments to the point that the technical people have a fairly detailed technical architecture." "The plan is, and we are really push - ing this in the second quarter of 2018, to publish publicly what we call in The Open Group a snapshot of where we're heading as far as the specifics of the standards are concerned. Remember what we are trying to do here, and why we are able to move it so quickly; we are not trying to invent new standards if at all possible. We may find some white spaces we are going to have to fill in, but for the most part we want to take existing standards and integrate and utilize them on a holistic basis. We are planning to publish a snapshot, then target releasing a version of the standard six months later," he said. Jim Hietala emphasized, "It is not a serial process, not just doing the business guide and then shifting to the technology. Those things are going on in par- allel. Along with the enter- prise architecture working group, a conformance sub- committee has been spun up and started to meet around developing a con- formance program that will be available in close prox- imity to when the standard comes out." Harrington described The Open Group process where any member organizations of the group are free to participate to whatever de- gree they feel appropriate with as many people as they are willing to commit. "However, when it comes down to ar- riving at consensus, that is determined by the members of The Open Group Forum with each organization having one vote." I asked if independent labs will be used for the conformance testing. Hi- etala responded, "that is all still to be determined." He said there is "a lot of blocking and tackling about what's the right policy." Hietala explained how the UNIX program, which The Open Group administers, works—vendors run a conformance test and submit results, providing a self-certification to the standards. "The goal is having products in the market that are certified to work conformant with a standard, so cus- tomers can identify a trademark and say they want a product that conforms SC = subcommittee Organization chart Steering committee All member organizations Open Process Automation TM Forum Project management Business working group Standards body interface working group Enterprise architecture working group Technical working group Business guide SC Marketing & outreach SC Conformance SC Requirements management SC Technical architecture SC Info model & standard config. SC Application framework SC Connectivity framework SC Security architecture SC Physical platform SC Systems & network management SC "We may find some white spaces we are going to have to fill in, but for the most part we want to take existing standards and integrate and utilize them on a holistic basis." —Harrington Source: The Open Group

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