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INTECH JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018 39 I SA's Standards and Practices Depart- ment annually publishes 10–15 new or revised standards and technical reports that improve the safety, cybersecurity, and efficiency of industrial processes. Each year the department's governing body, the ISA S&P Board, presents department- level awards in recognition of outstanding efforts that have resulted in these docu- ments or in other significant outcomes for an ISA standards committee. For 2017, the fol- lowing individuals were announced as award recipients by Maurice Wilkins, PhD, of Yokogawa and 2017–18 vice president of ISA's S&P Department, for their expertise and leadership in de - veloping several key documents: ISA-TR18.2.7, Alarm Management When Utilizing Packaged Systems Provides guid- ance on how to in - tegrate packaged systems into a ba- sic process control system–based centralized alarm system. The technical report addresses various is- sues that can arise when ISA-18.2-2016 work processes are applied to facilities where packaged systems are used, pro- viding guidance on how to successfully apply ISA-18.2 in those situations Graham Nasby, City of Guelph Water Ser- vices, ISA18 Working Group 7 co-chair Joseph S. Alford, consultant, ISA18 Working Group 7 co-chair John E. Bogdan, J Bogdan Consulting Bill Hollifield , PAS Global Darwin E. Logerot, ProSys Leila Myers, ILS-Automation Bob Weibel , TiPS Inc IS A - T R 8 4 . 0 0 . 0 9 , Cybersecurity Re- lated to the Func- tional Safety Life- cycle Sets forth guid- ance on integrat- ing the cybersecu- rity life cycle with the safety life cycle as they relate to safety controls, alarms, and interlocks, inclusive of safety instrumented systems. Hal Thomas, exida, ISA84 Working Group 9 chair David L. Bennett, Phillips 66 John D. Day, Air Products and Chemicals David A. Deibert, Air Products and Chemicals Eloise L. Roche, SIS-Tech Solutions Nagappan Muthiah, Wood Automation and Control I S A - T R 8 4 . 0 0 . 0 8 , Guidance for Ap- plication of Wire- less Sensor Tech- nology to Non-SIS Independent Pro- tection Layers Addresses wire- less technology- based sensors that are used in indepen - dent protection layers (IPLs) providing a risk reduction factor of less than or equal to 10 (non-SIS IPL) by the authority hav- ing jurisdiction (typically the owner/op - erator or local regulatory authority) and establishes guidance for their use in the process sector. Kevin Klein, Chevron ETC Process Auto- mation, ISA84 Working Group 8 co-chair Greg LaFramboise, consultant, ISA84 Work- ing Group 8 co-chair Ted Schnaare, Emerson, ISA84 Working Group 8 co-chair ISA-TR100.20.01, Common Network Management: Con- cepts and Terminology Provides an over- view of the princi- ples and concepts of common net- work management (CNM), the related terminology, and the e xpected benefits from adopting a CNM standard. Herman Storey, Herman Storey Consult- ing, ISA100 Working Group 20 co-chair Patrick Kinney, Kinney Consulting, ISA100 Working Group 20 co-chair Patricia E. Brett, Honeywell Dr. Penny Pei Chen, Yokogawa ISA-RP105.00.01, Management of a Calibration Pro- gram for Industrial Automation and Control Systems Sets forth the basic framework for developing and maintaining a consistent calibration pro- gram for industrial automation and con- trol systems, including instrumentation used in safety instrumented systems. Jim Federlein, Federlein & Associate, ISA105 chair Leo Staples, Automation Solutions Advisors For information on viewing or obtaining the documents listed above, visit www. For information on ISA standards, contact Charley Robinson ( n Awards cap productive year for ISA standards New Benchmarks & Metrics | standards Maurice Wilkins, PhD Graham Nasby Send it to Have an idea for an ISA standard, book, training course, conference topic, or other product or service? Hal Thomas Herman Storey Jim Federlein Kevin Klein

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