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COVER STORY 16 INTECH MARCH/APRIL 2018 WWW.ISA.ORG as acoustic monitoring of steam traps, condition monitoring of pumps, and heat exchanger performance, all wire - lessly connected to supervisory control and data acquisition and analytics sys - tems, provide cost-effective installation and paybacks of less than six months. "Calculations show the difference in operating costs associated with equip- ment reliability and energy efficiency between a well-run refinery and an average one is about $12.3 million per year for a typical 250,000 barrel-per- day facility. Assuming about 60 percent of refineries are not operating as well as they could, the overall worldwide financial impact runs to billions of dol- lars annually," says Deanna Johnson of Emerson Process Management. Set point control A new generation of software tools for energy efficiency allows two ways of energy plant management: open loop, where the optimal set points are indicated to the operators to manually set the optimization vari - ables; or closed loop, where the set points are sent directly to each opti- mizable variable. These implemen- tations can typically achieve energy- cost reductions from 3 to 8 percent for the open-loop model, and 6 to 15 percent for closed-loop applications. Industry 4.0 While improved energy efficiency is always welcome, it is rarely the main driver of Industry 4.0 deployments. However, energy savings have been reported by those organizations that have attempted to make Industry 4.0 a reality. For example, Daimler in Germany has reported a 30 percent improvement in energy efficiency for its robot systems that use Industry 4.0 techniques. Another example is Canadian Forest Products, which re - ported a 15 percent reduction in en- ergy consumption by using real-time alerts for energy consumption out - side of anticipated norms. Making the IoT your own The digital world delivers more action- able data than ever before. Replacing gut feeling with real-time and compre- hensive data leads to better decision making. Whether this is about projects to fund, plant utilization, or sales ac- counts to focus on, data will be avail- able to evaluate and select. To gain the benefit of the IoT, though, you need to have an in-depth under - standing of your processes. Which pa- Replacing gut feeling with real-time and comprehensive data leads to better decision making. MEMBERS: Be sure your membership is current and not in grace by 15 May. AUTOMATION COMMUNITY SUBSCRIBERS: Now is the time to upgrade your membership. Not only will you have a voice in determining ISA leadership, you'll gain a wealth of benefits. To verify or upgrade your ISA membership, email ISA Customer Service today at . As a Professional ISA Member, you help determine the future of ISA. Only Professional ISA Members have the privilege of voting in Society leader elections and— as a result—help shape ISA's future. Society voting begins 15 June 2018

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