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4 INTECH MARCH/APRIL 2018 WWW.ISA.ORG PROCESS AUTOMATION 18 Alarm management life cycle By Bridget Fitzpatrick Alarm systems are critical for facilitating process safety and efficient operations, and managing the life-cycle aspects are as critical as getting the correct initial de - sign or rationalization. If your facility has not embraced this fundamental aspect of automation and control, time is wasting! FACTORY AUTOMATION 22 Welcome to Industry 5.0 By Esben Østergaard Industry 4.0 offers mass production through connect- ed technologies, but today's consumers want more. They are looking for mass personalization, which can only be had when the human touch returns to manufacturing. The fifth industrial revolution will place human beings at the center of industrial production— aided by tools such as collaborative robots. SYSTEM INTEGRATION 26 Swinging for the fence with wireless technology By Andre Ristaino The managing director of the ISA Automation Stan- dards Compliance Institute shares his perspective on the progress of wireless technology, where it appears to be headed, and adoption patterns at end-user sites. AUTOMATION IT 30 EdgeX Foundry By John D. H. Hose The EdgeX Foundry initiative is united around a com- mon goal: the simplification and standardization of the foundation for tiered edge computing architectures for industrial IoT applications. This is fostering an ecosystem of creative developers, who are building the compo - nents of the IoT, IIoT, and Industry 4.0. COVER STORY Combining IoT, Industry 4.0, and energy management suggests exciting future By Brian Dwyer, C.Eng MIEI, and Joao Bassa, MSc The Internet of Things brings the potential for real energy consumption and cost savings. However, care needs to be taken so that proposed solutions are mature enough to realize promised savings. March/April 2018 | Vol 65, Issue 2 10 SPECIAL SECTION: PERSPECTIVES 34 Career opportunity knocks. Will you answer? By Brian Curtis, 2018 ISA president Career growth comes from action, and ISA provides a broad platform where members gain information and skills to improve manufacturing operations, quality, and productivity. Get involved by being an ISA member and contribute to the automation profession and your own develop ment.

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