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34 INTECH MARCH/APRIL 2018 WWW.ISA.ORG Career opportunity knocks Will you answer? Perspectives from the president am proud to be the 2018 ISA president and to participate in the advancement of the automation profession. As someone who has been highly engaged for many years in my local (Ireland) ISA section, I am very aware of the personal and professional career rewards that come with active ISA membership involve- ment. Career development is a significant part of human development and spans an indi- vidual's entire life. It includes learning, work, leisure, and transitions to achieve a personally determined and evolving future. ISA is the best organization for career development in the au- tomation profession, and, as many of us have learned, the more you contribute to the organi- zation, the more value you receive. ISA is continually advancing automation by providing opportunities for automation pro- fessionals to learn more, develop their careers, and help form the future of automation. This is accomplished in many ways, including oppor- tunities to improve knowledge, skills, problem solving, leadership development, and friend- ship. Members develop and contribute through collaboration, mentorship, volunteerism, spon- sorship, and student scholarships. I and many others have learned that contributing time, knowledge, and talents enhances our under- standing and insights in unexpected ways. ISA ecosystem "Ecosystem" is a hot buzzword in business cir- cles today, and the ISA organization is an eco- system available to automation professionals, as ISA members, to advance their careers and the profession. I challenge you to be a member and make the most of, capitalize on, and benefit from the ISA ecosystem. In nature, an ecosystem is a community of living organisms interacting as a system in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment (things like air, water, and mineral soil). ISA is an ecosystem of people focused on common goals and visions with a wide range of automation and control backgrounds, experience, and expertise. ISA provides a broad platform where members gain information and skills to improve operations, quality, and productivity, which are critical for manufacturers to compete. The ISA ecosystem of automation profes- sion members is a culture that helps members increase their knowledge, grow in their careers, and drive positive industry change. Leverag - ing what they learn, members can contribute entirely new value to their employers' opera - tions, making them more successful. The ISA By Brian Curtis, 2018 ISA president I

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