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RESOURCES INTECH MAY/JUNE 2018 19 PROCESS AUTOMATION The control room operator SPIs are utilized to alarm the engineering team of possible improvement opportuni- ties, and this creates aligned targets for the operations and engineering teams. The engineering team can use struc- tured SPIs and stored data for analysis of plant performance, for improve- ment opportunities, and for analysis of other issues related to production. Improve plant management and performance SPIs for management give a clear pic- ture of high-level performance metrics, such as facility operations, the differ- ence between planned and actual pro- duction, and energy use. The balanced performance metrics associated with carefully crafted SPIs lead to improve- ments in quality and efficiency, reduce inventory, ensure compliance, and in crease flexibility—ultimately leading to greater profitability. SPIs are systematically and seam- lessly connected from the manage- ment level to engineering personnel and then to con- trol room op- erators, and vice versa. They help m a n a g e m e n t to drill down to issues related to operations. I m p r o v e m e n t s in control room operator SPIs also ultimately contribute to better manage- ment SPIs. Synaptic per- formance indica - tors aligned from operations to en - gineering to management provide a common mission for all plant person - nel, leading to improved performance of the plant or facility. n ABOUT THE AUTHOR Yasunori Kobayashi (yasunori.kobayashi@ is the general manag - er and executive consultant at Yokogawa. He has 30 years of consulting experience in process automation, and over 10 years of management experience in R&D, mar- keting, sales, operations, and services. He has led projects developing new solutions, including procedural automation using AI (Exapilot), software sensors using Neu- ral Networks (Exaneuro), real-time alarm browsers in DCS (CAMS), automation benchmarking (CEA), knowledge-based graphics using ergonomics (AOG), and remote monitoring and consulting using cloud technology (KBC Co-Pilot Program). View the online version at Figure 3. Control room operators can use karaoke-type dashboards to improve plant production, profits, energy use, reliability, and safety (left side of diagram). Plant engineers and experts create SPI dashboards to guide operator actions and optimize SPIs (right side of diagram). "A KPI-based process monitoring and fault detection framework for large-scale processes," ISA Transactions "New roles for process historians" "Software to support next-generation people-centric manufacturing" manufacturing

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