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4 INTECH MAY/JUNE 2018 WWW.ISA.ORG PROCESS AUTOMATION 16 Optimizing related process variables to improve profitability By Yasunori Kobayashi KPIs are a popular metric for measuring and improving process plant operation, but must be aligned among all plant personnel for maximum effectiveness. FACTORY AUTOMATION 20 Simplified remote access By Benson Hougland Remote access can be greatly simplified by using open systems techniques and technologies, which bring improved performance and security. SYSTEM INTEGRATION 28 Why automation projects are tough to manage By Lee Swindler The unique challenges of process automation projects make them more difficult to execute than other types of projects. With thousands of individual components, every automation system ends up as a mixture of parts from multiple suppliers, but a number of things can mitigate the challenges inherent in automation projects. AUTOMATION IT 32 Cybersecurity at the edge By Bill Lydon The lack of cybersecurity in Level 0,1 devices as described in the Purdue Model and ISA95 is a major vulnerability that could result in production and safety problems. The ISA99, Industrial Automation and Con - trol Systems Security committee has established a new working group for Level 0,1 security issues. COVER STORY What's next for big data in process manufacturing By Michael Risse Advanced analytics solutions provide improved access to and insights from big data. Implementing new tech - nologies requires innovative products, the opportunity for adoption, and application by skilled personnel. May/June 2018 | Vol 65, Issue 3 10 SPECIAL SECTION: TROUBLESHOOTING 34 Troubleshooting By Bill Lydon Troubleshooting control and automation systems is a fundamental skill that is valuable throughout your career, and the techniques and experience are transferable to all types of problems.

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