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5 To learn more about our Dual Input Temperature Transmitter, go to: Or call 800-999-2900 800-999-2900 Demand Moore Reliability The new THZ 3 /TDZ 3 Dual Input Smart HART ® temperature transmitters can help you avoid costly process interruptions and maintenance delays by ensuring your measurements always make it safely to your control system. Our Sensor Backup and Failover protection feature means you will never miss those critical readings - even if something goes wrong with one of the sensors. Plus, with Device Intelligence, a series of new and advanced features that enable smarter control and monitoring, the THZ 3 /TDZ 3 gives you the confi dence that your temperature measurements will get from Point A to Point B despite any potential roadblocks. Re-Route Your Temperature Measurements Around Potential Roadblocks 1968 - 2018 0 0 5 0 5 0 Y e a r s o f R e l i a b i l t y

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